February 5, 2014

snow day + a new job

winter days are so much better with snow on the ground.

^^^mclain patting his leg, calling buster to come. he's such a little person. it's the cutest.^^^
more snow is headed this way!!! 
i am so excited about a new opportunity for our family!
i got a job at a local kids day out program. it's 2 days a week. 
i'm working at the front desk, which means i get to hold aplin and peek in on mclain whenever i want. 
mclain gets to go to music class and learn how to share fun toys with his new friends and aplin gets to cruise around the church in a stretch stroller!
^^^she LOVES it!^^^
i couldn't ask for a better opportunity for our family! 

hugs and kisses~s. 

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