December 20, 2013

SantaLand 2013

Trying to make all the memories we can, even if that means waiting in line for an hour to meet Santa. 

After patiently waiting in line for 30 minutes, McLain started to melt. No wonder kids are in hysterics by the time they reach Santa's lap, all they can think is when they're going to eat next and which direction they can run that will lead to freedom--waiting in line for any length of time is frustrating for me--i can't imagine a toddler who's use to running in all directions, all the time.  side note: i just had a mental picture of grown ups running in all directions, all the time and made myself giggle :) okay, side note over. Towards the end of the line, doing our best to distract McLain, we talked about what he would ask Santa for Christmas....the Moon and a windmill--obviously. Hey may have to settle for some matchbox cars and a puzzle. 
Point of the story: Despite the looooong wait, McLain nailed it...Aplin not so much. She was a model baby the entire wait but once we got to the end, she was ready to eat and sleep.

Hope you're soaking in every moment of this most wonderful time of the year....because in 5 short days it'll just be a memory. 

Here's to making memories.

mery merry christmas~m, s, mc, a, b, b, t, m, m, b, bc, and m

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