December 5, 2013

baby girl is 4 months + a few days

our sweet girl just turned 4 months old. i cannot imagine life without her. she is the absolute sweetest. she's a great sleeper. and great cuddler. and loves to be moving all the time. she rolled from her back to her tummy at 4 months and 4 days old. she loves to watch football. and she sleeps 12+ hours a night. basically she's a rockstar-- i taught her everything she knows ;) i love her smile and her very subtle giggles, she makes us work very hard for them :) she loves her brother. she loves his full body hugs, she loves when he shares his toys and then immediately takes them away (babysteps, people), she loves when he tries to make her happy by bringing her books and opening them to the last page when she's fussing and she loves how he says her name, 'appa'. 
we went to the doctor yesterday. and just when i think taking 2 kids under the age of 2 anywhere is challenging, i remind myself it's only going to get more challenging with the more babies we have. one day i'll look back on these easy 2 children trips--it's all about perspective, right?

baby girl is growing strong, y'all!

height:  26" -- 97%

weight:  16lbs 7oz -- 95%

head circumference:  16" -- 50%

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, a, b, b, t, m, m, b, bc and m

p.s. thank you kayla for her sweet blanket!
and nonny for her fabulous headbands!
and brooke for the dozens of cute outfits you so generously passed down!

p.p.s. because i love a good outtake :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I want to kiss those cheeks! How does your four month old weigh more than my 7 month old??!! I mean that seriously, she sleeps 12 hours without eating? Im so impressed. Farrah eats every few hours (aside from the 6-7 hour stretch at night), I hope Farrah doesn't have a tape worm:)

  2. Happy 4 months Aplin! And oh momma isn't that the truth we want more kiddos so I def change my perspective and try to laugh when things get crazy in public with 2 littles. Someday we will miss the ease of "just" 2 kids ha love it she's way too cute and growing way too fast! We will visit soon! Kiss them both for us please!!! -Danielle