May 20, 2013

you win some, you lose some....

we started off the weekend with a little big hiccup.  one of my biggest fears as a mama came true....mclain climbed out of his crib. and by "climb", i mean "threw himself over". i heard a loud thud, followed by the loudest, worst scream-cry ever.  praise Jesus he was okay. we turned his crib around, (thanks gilmore girls for that small nugget of wisdom) hopefully, that will deter him from trying it again, at least until we can get a video monitor in his room.
the kid can't be trusted! 

^^^^this is the coke machine from matt's family's shop.  it hadn't worked in a couple years and matt was able to bring it back to life! it's our new favorite!
*please note: mclain took one sip of coke and made a face as if he'd just bitten into the most bitter lemon the world has ever known.

sprinklers sound fun in theory.....
 ^^^but once the water hit him...he screamed bloody-murder, so we decided to watch the sprinkler and eat our watermelon from the comfort of our shaded, dry blanket instead.

sunday, we ventured out to mackenzie park to feed the ducks and turtles. 

^^^anytime mclain picks up a stick or a rock, we tell him to "throw it"'s either that or he will put it in his mouth.  trading one bad habit for's called good parenting ;)

hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! 

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, bg, t, b, m, b, m, b, bc and m

r.i.p. tink, (our smallest-bravest turtle) you will be missed.


  1. He's so cute! I can't believe he climbed out of his crib, I'm glad he's ok! I'm so afraid of Mya figuring out how to do that too!

    1. thank you, it was absolutely terrifying. tell mya, "mclain doesn't recommend it...and neither does his mama" :)

  2. OMG I am so freaked out that Mace is going to do that!! So glad little guy is okay.

    HAHA--LOVE the sprinkler and watermelon pics!!

    And seriously.....I can so relate with the "good parenting" tricks. That is so us. I'm all for starting another bad habit (to worry about breaking later) as long as it takes care of the one I'm trying to break now!!