May 23, 2013

preparation is key

4 more work days until i start my new job. haven't you heard? i'm getting a promotion :) my official title will be "stay-at-home mom/stay-at-home wife".  my dream job!
4 more days until i get to spend my days with this one....
i'm in the process of preparing my heart, our breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, our schedule and our bank account. i know that all these preparations are necessary for this to be the most enjoyable experience for everyone involved. in the coming days, i will be sharing in more detail the preparations that are taking place.
until then, let the countdown begin.... 

for all you seasoned stay-at-home moms, please feel free to send any helpful tidbits on making the best of the best job in the world.
hugs and kisses~s and baby girl


  1. Yay for becoming a SAHM! Lucky you! :)

    1. thanks jennifer! i couldn't be more excited :)

  2. michelemybelle@gmail.comFriday, June 07, 2013

    I use a phone App called EEBA Easy Envelope Budget Aid and it has the concept of Dave Ramsey's envelope system without actually having to carry envelopes full of money around. You budget a bunch of different envelopes, grocery, eating out, bills, surprise,etc. When I get groceries I put the transaction into my grocery envelope and it tell me how much I have left for the month for groceries. It helps me stay on budget without having to save a bunch of receipts. Also, my husband and I have found taking out a little spending money each week helps us to be able to do something we want without fighting about wasting money. For example, I get out $40 a week and use it to take my sons to eat at Chick fila or get Starbucks and I don't have to feel guilty because it's my spending money. I also can save that money if I want some clothes or something big!