November 11, 2016

halloween 2016

halloween 2016 is officially in the books. we scaled back this year and it still managed to  mclain chose the grinch because it's his favorite book.  aplin had a hard time choosing between disney princesses (because obviously) but once she saw elsa's tiara, her mind was made up. and penny was a giraffe because our annual halloween theme was non-existent this year and because i found the costume on trading up for $7 (done and done) also, look how cute she is!
the arm around penny's shoulder. i can't handle the sweetness.
the costume came with a hat. but when do the kids ever wear the hat or mask? 
she didn't even like her costume and i may or may not have bribed her with a sucker every time she had to wear it. and by the time she finished her sucker...she realized how cute she looked and how fun costumes are, except the hat. the hat was never fun.

trick-or-treating at marmee and grandad's...eating the candy as soon as they get it.

our school has a tricycle parade every year. the kids love it! i love it! i love seeing all the costumes and it's just a magical time for the little ones. i posted all videos on my insta-stories and need to edit them and put them up on our youtube channel...check back later. 

our school also puts on the best trunk-or-treat. with all the trunks filled with candy, cute decorations and fun games...the families of southcrest go all out! and they love the bounce houses and train ride. mclain is very aware and anxious of the scary halloween costumes and decorations, which is another reason we opted for the trunk-or-treat instead of the traditional trick-or-treating in the neighborhoods.

 pops met up with us at the trunk-or-treat and surprised us with his clever costume....
"the last can of who hash" -- how the grinch stole christmas
 explaining his costume.
penny thought this was the perfect opportunity to look at (and eat) all her candy.

silly girls.

halloween were a good one.

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