November 24, 2015

halloween fun 2015

trying to post our halloween fun before i've eaten all the turkey and the christmas tree is up. have the past couple of months flown by, or is it just me? seriously, september was last week...right?

we had a great halloween weekend, and i want to make sure i document it.
if not, it didn't really happen. ;)

our school puts on a very fun tricycle parade

a little video that shows her love for the Tricycle Parade

for halloween eve our school had a trunk or treat. mclain and aplin are still talking about the bounce houses and cow train.

on halloween: 
matt got back in town 30 minutes before we left for another trunk or treat with friends


we managed to drag-out halloween for THREE days...i'm still exhausted just thinking about it. :)

hope y'all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

"dobble, dobble" as aplin says :)

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