September 22, 2015

joyland....our favorite night of summer

thanks to matt's parents and their involvement with the Lubbock Lions Club, we get to go to joyland once every summer. the club treats their members and their members' families to a night at joyland. this was our fourth summer to attend and "family night" never disappoints. it's always fun to see what rides the kids can and will want to ride as they get older each year. this year, they were up for whatever ride their cousin was riding. 
 ^^^ i can't stop laughing at how 'giant-esque' matt looks in this firetruck. ^^^

 ^^^ y'all, she made this face on every ride. equal parts joy and terror. ^^^
^^^ my very favorite picture, so sad it's blurry. ^^^
i really need to learn how to use my big girl camera. 
hashtag: blogger fail.

mclain and aplin were so brave, they rode everything they were tall enough to ride, including the gondola (my worst nightmare), the small (but mighty) roller coaster and this tokyo drift ride that would have left me feeling all sorts of queasy.
this is a nice speed for my mama-nerves.
 and we stay way past our bedtime and it's always worth it.

thanks for the fun, joyland!

until next time~s.

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