January 23, 2014

here's to more posts and more pics

i recently had a friend/fellow blogger (like legit blogger) encourage me to try and make some "coffee money" with our little family blog. by "coffee money", i mean a little extra money a month to spend on going to a local coffee shop, maybe happy hour with the girls, or a dessert date with the hubs. if you were wondering why there is advertising on the blog, that's why. if you weren't wondering, that's still why. 

i'm excited about this new challenge. it will keep me accountable to spend more time documenting our little adventures, their ever changing faces, what books or toys they are interested in at that particular moment, what new recipes i'm loving and what shoes they are currently wearing. it will encourage me to get out my big girl camera and capture the beauty in our day to day.
these great cards from our our dear friend, kimmi.
i'm convinced everyone needs a chalkboard wall.
the sweetest, softest leggings. ever. 
she loves her fingers
he's obsessed with tractors or bulldozers or fire trucks or ambulances or police cars

working on our fine motor skills and learning our colors.
 not sure who loves her lil posite pros more--her or her pops?
he calls it, 'neigh'.
those rolls. can you get enough? i can't.

 i will try not to do too much writing on here. i'm more of a numbers person. 
if my grammar is wrong (and i know it will be), please forgive me. 

here's to more posts and more pictures.
 and if you feel so inclined, go ahead and click on any advertisement that might appeal to you. winky face. 

hugs and kisses~s.


  1. Love it! I love reading your blog and am praying and rooting for this new adventure!!

  2. Girl I will click on every advertisement if it means you get an extra outing! You are such a great mom and I just love reading your blog and looking at all of your pictures!

    1. girl, you are too kind! thank you so much! you keep posting too, so i can keep up with the happenings in your life.

  3. Looking forward to more pictures of your lovely family! I love seeing your great outings with the kiddos! I click an ad or two also! :)

  4. So glad she likes the flash cards! I will click those ads so hard!