September 1, 2013

18 months....

mclain, nugget, bugaboo, mickey,

you make me smile, laugh, melt my heart and work me out like no physical trainer ever could on a daily basis. 18 months ago today you made me a mama--the most rewarding, fulfilling role I could ever dream of. 

you are 29 lbs.

you wear size 6 shoes. your shoe collection is very impressive--all thanks to your pops.

you have long, blond hair. the kids at the park say they wish they had your hair. and others ask me when i'm going to cut your hair--i tell them, "when he asks for one." :)

i LOVE how much you love your baby sister. you want to hold the bottle while she eats. you want to hold her all the time. the first thing you do when you leave your room in the morning is run over to her and give her a kiss and then laugh because you think you're so funny or so cute (not sure which one, but i agree you are both). anytime i ask you for a high five, you give me one and then immediately want to give aplin one.

your dance moves are top notch. our grocery store dance parties are my favorite.

we read books all day long. some books we will read 9 or 10 times in one day.

you love all trucks, whether it's an F-150 or an 18-wheeler. you wave hi or bye (not sure which) very aggressively passionately anytime you see one.

you love all strollers, especially the ones at the mall that look like police cars or fire trucks. when we went to the mall recently, you may or may not have attacked 2 different families that were using them.

shopping carts too--you love to abandon ours and find someone else's cart to push.

you love big doors that you can't enter, e.g. 'employees ONLY'.

you know that a cow says "meeewwwwww". (it's my favorite). you also know what a dog, cat, rooster and duck say. and your 'fish face' is super adorable.

you love to help any way you can, picking weeds, making dinner, loading/unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes.

some of my favorite sayings you have:
'beep. beep. beep.' (excuse me)
'tank do' (thank you)
'aw man!'

you make life better. i love watching you grow and learn and discover new things every day. i'm excited to see the person you're going to become--you show us a little more and more each day.

we feel so blessed to be your parents.  

hugs and kiss~pops and tootie


  1. LOVE the "beep beep," its SOOO cute! he definitely get that from his mama. Its crazy how fast he is growing up!

    1. i know! it seems like yesterday when y'all came to visit him and he was only 3 weeks old!

  2. LOVE the "beep beep," its SOOO cute! he definitely get that from his mama. Its crazy how fast he is growing up!