January 8, 2013

stuck in a rut

matt and i have gotten so boring when it comes to eating out...
we are constantly using rosa's and pizza hut/domino's at a crutch.
there are so many good restaurants in lubbock that we need to try or re-visit.
don't get me wrong, i LOVE rosa's and a thin-crust cheese from domino's, but it's always a last minute, we have nothing to eat, we are starving, let's just grab whatever is fast and easy, kind of meal.
i am not a big fan of take-out or delivery. i much prefer to dine-in and experience all that a place has to offer.
matt keeps telling me we need to make a list of places we need to try. so this is me, making a list:
(in no particular order)
cast iron grill
rain uptown
manna bread and wine
la diosa
triple j's chophouse
the vine
one guy from italy
west crust
caprock cafe
tom and bingo's bbq
bigham's bbq
buns over texas (thanks carrie)
cafe j
las brisas
blue sky
pancake house
apple tree cafe and bakery (thanks again carrie)
chuy's (during spring break, christmas break or any other break when it's not the unofficial fraternity/sorority house)
thai pepper
ranch house
abuelo's taqueria
hub city wings

sheridan's frozen custard
the choc'late mousse pie bar (also open for brunch on the weekends)
holly hop ice cream shoppe
bahama bucks

*lubbock has a lot of burger joints, bbq pits and donut shops.  i'm on the hunt to find my fave in each category.

what are some of your favorites?
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, m, n, b, bc and t


  1. I totally feel you on this one! Rosa's and Domino's are our go-to places as well because of proximity. We are actually trying not to eat out as much for health reasons, but when we do eat out, we need to get to some new places as well. We just went to Grimaldi's for the first time this weekend...and not the one near us, but we ventured to Uptown!, It was excellent! Have fun finding your new favorite places to eat out!

    1. We also rarely eat out, so when we do i want it to count (for the experience and the calories as well). i'm so glad you tried Grimaldi's and liked it! it's our very favorite!

  2. Let's do brunch at pie bar soon! We are dying to try it out!